The various professional entities will be able to join Psbo through an annual membership fee that will allow them to partecipate in a monthly event, one Friday a month.  Fridays will be a way to spend time with particular guests who will bring interesting experiences from Italy and abroad. At the end of the gathering there is going to be a happy hour that will help create new connections among the members - PERSPECTIVE SYNERGIES - PS who looks to the future.
For those who instead need a comfortable place to meet clients and/or friends, it is possible to join in through a monthly/yearly coworking formula with the following changes:
SE (Always South Est) , SO (Often South West) and ON (ON line – West North)
These are packages that give access to advantages when organizing private events, booking in an exclusive way the entire space, getting discounts on the meeting room tool rentals and the conference room.  
The abreviation with the cardinal points is an idea of network which gives access to the entire world from
North to South from Est to West


Online Shopping


PSbo > SE >

PSbo > SE > SemprE > You can find in Psbo a space where you can work or put ideas in the group :  Sud Est is for 5 days per week

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